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Evaluate: Weather Station

Test your knowledge:

  1. Name three things that are measured by a weather station.
  2. In the south of Australia, what is the coldest time of day?
  3. What is the word for water vapour or steam in the air?
  4. Where is it most humid; close to the coast or in the middle of Australia? Can you explain why?
  5. What is the aboriginal word for the wettest season in Kakadu national park?
  6. In your opinion, what time of year would you most like to visit the top-end of Australia? Why?
  7. What direction does weather move in the south of Australia?
  8. What is the name for the beautiful lights created by “space weather” that are visible in the night sky in Tasmania or Antarctica?
  9. What is the name for the “blanketing” of the earth by the atmosphere which keeps the earth warm?
  10. How many degrees difference is there between the day-time and night-time temperature on the planet mercury? Why is the difference so much?