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In this experiment you will explore the penetrating power of different types of radiation. A Geiger counter is used to measure the radiation coming from four different radioactive sources, which can be selected by rotating a turntable. A second turntable can be used to place four different types of absorbers between the radioactive source and the detector.

EngageLook at the role radiation plays in society.
ExploreSpin the turntables, and discover the penetrating power of radiation.
ExplainWhy do different types of radiation have different penetrating power?
ElaborateWhat does the KGB have to do with alpha radiation?
EvaluateTest your knowledge!


The further you are away from a radioactive source, the better! This experiment will demonstrate how the amount of radiation decreases with increasing distance from the source. A Geiger counter is used to measure the radiation coming from a real radiation source at a distance selected by you.

EngageHow close can you get to a nuclear accident?
ExploreMeasure how radiation from a real radioactive source changes with distance.
ExplainWhy radiation changes with distance even if it travels in a straight line and doesn't slow down??
ElaborateThe physics demonstration that went horribly wrong.
EvaluateTest your knowledge!