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Jean Stephens, Weeroona College

I think the FAR Labs program will be a great addition to our school science program. The activities are not something we could usually access because of cost and health and safety issues. The website is really well organised and easy to use. In particular the resources with the activities can be used to link in with different year levels and there is a lot of teacher support material. We are looking forward to using FAR labs in our program next year.

Carol Burgess, Kennedy Baptist College

Actually seeing a real experiment that the students can interact with is brilliant!

Allan Morrison, Scientrific (science education resource company)

The students really enjoyed the experience of watching the live video feed and seeing the radioactive substances being manipulated. This is a valuable addition to our teaching tools and I look forward to using FAR Labs in the classroom with my students in the future.

Shannon Sibly, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School

What a fantastically great idea. Access to real data is what students really need.

David Lu, Werribee Secondary College

Controlling radiation lab equipment from the safety of the classroom – with easy data logging experience with real-live data feed. My students can experiment with different types of radiation without worries!

Students from Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

Meet the students. In the front sit Richi and Mahisha. In the back (left to right) are Chloe and Kim.
Richi, Mahisha, Chloe and Kim.


Being able to work with professionals and the AFM was truly an incredible experience. Learning how to image and etch pictures into our own hair was challenging but fun at the same time. All in all, any science fanatic should get involved in this program!


I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to spend a week at La Trobe and use the AFM to image samples of hair and then etch dolphins and moustaches into it. It was an amazing experience and we were able to learn new things and meet interesting people. Definitely recommended!


We learnt about the procedures of loading and operating the AFM with the guidance of very helpful scientists, and really enjoyed working with this incredible microscope to do imaging and lithography on our hair samples. Not only did this project teach us a lot about the applications of the AFM, but it also allowed us to let out our inner creativity.


With the help of awesome scientists and expensive machines, we etched drawings of dolphins and moustaches into our hair. Pushing the boundaries of science and doing something probably no one has ever done before is by far the best way to spend a week of holidays.