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Please Note: For questions and enquiries please email Latrobefarlabs@gmail.com.

Project Leaders

Dr. David Hoxley
E: d.hoxley@latrobe.edu.au

Dr. Brian Abbey
E: b.abbey@latrobe.edu.au

Dr. Paul Pigram
E: p.pigram@latrobe.edu.au

Dr. Andrew McDonald
E: A.J.McDonald@latrobe.edu.au


Nick Tran – Senior Technical Officer
E: nick.tran@latrobe.edu.au

Emma Gill – Project Officer
E: e.gill@latrobe.edu.au

Patrick Adams – Technical Officer
E: p.adams@latrobe.edu.au

Rebecca Griffin – Technical Officer
E: Rebecca.Griffin@latrobe.edu.au

Project Contributors

Guido Cadenazzi
E: g.cadenazzi@latrobe.edu.au

Paraschos Atsikidis
E: P.Atsikidi@latrobe.edu.au

Callum Anderson
E: C.Anderson@latrobe.edu.au

Student Team

  • Michelle Owen
  • Dion Ellul
  • Brian Oslinker
  • Conner Bogdanovic

Help and Enquiries

If you need some help or have any questions/comments please email:
E: latrobefarlabs@gmail.com

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We are here
La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia