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Please Note: The Farlabs system is under going a planned upgrade. Equipment (including the Turntables, Inverse Square Law, Wind Tunnel, Solar Water Heater, Solar Panels, Weather Station, Photoelectric Effect, and Diffraction experiments) will be out of order until the end of February. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Project Leaders

Dr. David Hoxley
E: d.hoxley@latrobe.edu.au

Dr. Brian Abbey
E: b.abbey@latrobe.edu.au

Dr. Paul Pigram
E: p.pigram@latrobe.edu.au

Project Coordinator

Guido Cadenazzi


Paraschos Atsikidis – Teacher Liaison Officer/ Assistant Technical Officer
E: p.atsikidis@latrobe.edu.au

Emma Gill – Senior Technical Officer
E: e.gill@latrobe.edu.au

Andrew McDonald – Material Development
E: a.j.mcdonald@latrobe.edu.au