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Please Note: The Farlabs system is under going a planned upgrade. Equipment (including the Inverse Square Law, Wind Tunnel, Solar Water Heater, Solar Panels, Weather Station, Photoelectric Effect, and Diffraction experiments) will be out of order for a few more days. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Please email Latrobefarlabs@gmail.com to receive an email notification when the upgrade is finished.

Project Leaders

Dr. David Hoxley
E: d.hoxley@latrobe.edu.au

Dr. Brian Abbey
E: b.abbey@latrobe.edu.au

Dr. Paul Pigram
E: p.pigram@latrobe.edu.au

Project Coordinator

Guido Cadenazzi


Paraschos Atsikidis – Teacher Liaison Officer/ Assistant Technical Officer
E: p.atsikidis@latrobe.edu.au

Emma Gill – Senior Technical Officer
E: e.gill@latrobe.edu.au

Andrew McDonald – Material Development
E: a.j.mcdonald@latrobe.edu.au