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SolarSmallIn this experiment you will monitor the temperature of the water inside a functioning solar water heater. You will also investigate whether the conditions inside the tank might allow Legionella bacteria to grow.

EngageWhat do climate change, energy costs and Legionnaires disease have in common?
Explore Can Legionella bacteria breed inside the water tank?
ExplainCan water flow uphill?
ElaborateLearn about the deadly Legionella outbreak in Brisbane.
EvaluateTest your knowledge!

norfolk_weatherstationIn this experiment, you will have access to weather and climate data from over 700 real government weather stations spread over Australia. Learn about temperature, humidity, rainfall and those weather maps you see on the news!

EngageSailing the oceans; planting crops; nomads setting up camp - understanding the weather has always been critical to our survival
Explore Tap in to over 700 real weather stations from around Australia
ExplainWhat do humidity and the greenhouse effect have in common?
ElaborateForget about Summer and Winter - learn about Gudjewg, Yegge and Gurrung, the traditional seasons of far northern Australia
EvaluateTest your knowledge!

Cyclone Testing House

In this experiment (coming soon!) you will see how cyclones can generate winds strong enough to tear roofs off houses, and explore the impact that roof design has on the ability of a building to withstand these powerful forces.

Check out the current wind conditions in Townsville, with anemometer data courtesy of James Cook University, or take a sneak-peek at the experiment under development:

Coming soon! Explore aerodynamic lift and drag by controlling an aerofoil in a real wind tunnel!

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